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Munaya beauty is a brand that is dedicated to providing all organic and natural products for the hair, face, skin, beard, and the eyebrows.

Promote natural hair growth

Reduce signs of thinning, shedding and breakage - Support healthy edge growth - Help with split ends and frizz - Moisturize dry and damaged hair - Promote thicker, shinier, and fuller looking hair.

munaya hair growth oil

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Munaya Beauty

Shampoo (8 oz)

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Natural Hair & skin Care


Strengthening & Moisturizing conditioner. Encourages longer and thicker hair.


Organic eyebrow serum

Makes your eyebrows look fuller.

Conditions, smooths, grows, and softens your eyebrows.

Organic beard oil

Conditions, smooths, grows, and softens your beard.

Reduces frizz and breakage.

Makes your beard feel longer, softer, and shinier.

A review from a happy customer: 

“I love this organic based oil! Grows back the edges and makes more volume of the hair”

Customer Reviews

I bought this oil for my wife as a gift. After using it for a several days, she has noticed reduced hair fall and a shiny hair. Very beneficial product.


Great product my hair stop falling and already felt the benefits


I tried different hair oil but this is is different and I liked how it stopped my hair to break and fall


Makes your hair smooth and shiny!


I have been using this product for a while now and it works well when used more frequently. It makes your hair smooth and shiny! It also fills spaces in your hair. I would recommend anyone to try this out!


Effective results!


Moisturizers my hair. I love it! I would really recommend.


I love this organic based oil! Grows back the edges and makes more volume of the hair.


This product is worth trying; especially, for individuals experiencing hair loss or anyone who has thin hair which tend to fall out while brushing/combing. Results will take time but you need to use it daily. I really like how the ingredients are all natural which is very important for stimulating hair growth on the scalp. After all, words & stars can’t describe the excellence of this product. Give it a shot!